1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A11690-T07748 Impact of incentives on productivity in public enterprises an economic analysis of case studies Brahmachari, Sajal Banerjee, Hiron Kumar 1992
CUE-A07659-T04692 Inter district variation in industrial employment in West Bengal during the period 1970 71 to 1984 85 a case study Mukhopadhyay, Debdas Banerjee, Asish 1991
CUE-A07805-T04788 Dynamics of rural transformation some economic aspects a study of West Bengal 1950 to 86 Ghosal, Ratan Kumar Banerjee, Asis Kumar 1991
CUE-A07936-T04873 Addendum to the thesis titled product differentiation in India Industries and some of its consequences Dhar, Pranaytosh Bhattacheryya, Dhiresh 1991
CUE-A08552-T05229 Financing of the co operative sector a case study for West Bengal 1955 to 1975 Maulik, Jyoti Prakas Ghosh, Alak 1991
CUE-A08568-T05237 Commercial banking and economic development a study of nationalised commercial banks in Bangladesh Kabir, Md Mortaza Aliul Datta, Rakhal 1991
CUE-A08592-T05254 The structure of silk production in early colonial Bengal 1770 to 1833 Mukhopadhyay, Bhaskar - 1991
CUE-A09699-T05859 The economic analysis of technological diffusion in Indian agriculture Ghosh, Indrani Bagchi, Amiya Kumar 1991
CUE-A09865-T05963 Counter trade an economic analysis Bhaumik, Srimanta Kumar Bhattacharyya, Dhiresh Chandra 1991
CUE-A07553-T04620 Economic significance of urbanisation in Bangladesh Yasmeen, Atia Banerjee, Ashish Kumar 1990
CUE-A07844-T04814 A study of the financial viability of local governments in Bangladesh Ahmed, Kh Azad Nandi, Sukumar 1990
CUE-A07888-T04843 Aspects of growth of an industrial town a regional perspectives case study of Durgapur West Bengal Basak, Nandita Dasgupta, Biplab 1990
CUE-A08034-T04927 Agricultural financing in Bangladesh its problems and realities Das, Nani Gopal Gupta, A K Datta 1990
CUE-A08620-T05267 The post war terms of trade controversy a re examination Sarkar, Prabirjit Roy, P N 1990
CUE-A09350-T05637 Agrarian structure technological change and productivity a comparative study of Bangladesh and West Bengal agriculture Saha, Bimal Kumar Dasgupta, Subhendu 1990
CUE-A07454-T04533 Import dependence of private consumption in India Bhattacharyya, Manas Mukherjee, Sakti 1989
CUE-A07672-T04703 Some aspects of agricultural price in India the effects of government intervention on production and profitability of the procedures a case study of rice and wheat in India in the period 1965 to 78 Khayer, Md Adul Sen, Nabendu 1989
CUE-A07811-T04791 Economic development and the strategy for growth of urban centre a case study of Kalyani Sinha, Pransanna Narayan Bose, Deb Kumar 1989
CUE-A07926-T04867 The industrial development bank of India its growth and performance 1964 to 79 Chakrabarti, Debaprasad Ghosh, Alak 1989
CUE-A07271-T04409 An econometric study of some aspects of the Indian tea industry Mitra, Nilanjana Rakhshit, Mihir Kanti 1988

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