1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A10666-T06727 Pattern of consumption of bengal handloom fabrics in metropolitan Calcutta and some rural areas Dasgupta, Soma Roy, P N 1993
CUE-A08500-T05195 The role of planning in the rural development of India with special reference to West Bengal during the period from 1976 77 to 1985 86 Bhattacharyya, Pranab Kumar Dutta, Rakhal 1992
CUE-A08582-T05248 Some aspects of interaction between industry and agriculture Das, Chandana Rakshit, Mihir 1992
CUE-A08599-T05258 Aspects of agricultural production and growth rates in India with special reference to West Bengal since 1950 Konar, Dhirendra Nath Banerjee, A K 1992
CUE-A08688-T05302 Agricultural credit in India with special reference to the differential interest rate policy Bhattacharyya, Sudeshna Dutta, Rakhal 1992
CUE-A09007-T05466 Evolution of unionism in the Indian banking industry with reference to its class Characterisation Chakraborti, Rajib Roy, P N 1992
CUE-A09400-T05660 The adoption of modern technology in agriculture a micro level study in West Bengal Sasmal, Jaydeb Banerjee, Asis Kumar 1992
CUE-A09449-T05692 Issues in public debt the case of India Maitra, Nandita Roy, P N 1992
CUE-A09901-T05993 Methodological issues in the mathematical explanation of economic phenomena Mukhopadhyay, Ishita Roy, P N 1992
CUE-A11690-T07748 Impact of incentives on productivity in public enterprises an economic analysis of case studies Brahmachari, Sajal Banerjee, Hiron Kumar 1992
CUE-A07659-T04692 Inter district variation in industrial employment in West Bengal during the period 1970 71 to 1984 85 a case study Mukhopadhyay, Debdas Banerjee, Asish 1991
CUE-A07805-T04788 Dynamics of rural transformation some economic aspects a study of West Bengal 1950 to 86 Ghosal, Ratan Kumar Banerjee, Asis Kumar 1991
CUE-A07936-T04873 Addendum to the thesis titled product differentiation in India Industries and some of its consequences Dhar, Pranaytosh Bhattacheryya, Dhiresh 1991
CUE-A08552-T05229 Financing of the co operative sector a case study for West Bengal 1955 to 1975 Maulik, Jyoti Prakas Ghosh, Alak 1991
CUE-A08568-T05237 Commercial banking and economic development a study of nationalised commercial banks in Bangladesh Kabir, Md Mortaza Aliul Datta, Rakhal 1991
CUE-A08592-T05254 The structure of silk production in early colonial Bengal 1770 to 1833 Mukhopadhyay, Bhaskar - 1991
CUE-A09699-T05859 The economic analysis of technological diffusion in Indian agriculture Ghosh, Indrani Bagchi, Amiya Kumar 1991
CUE-A09865-T05963 Counter trade an economic analysis Bhaumik, Srimanta Kumar Bhattacharyya, Dhiresh Chandra 1991
CUE-A07553-T04620 Economic significance of urbanisation in Bangladesh Yasmeen, Atia Banerjee, Ashish Kumar 1990
CUE-A07844-T04814 A study of the financial viability of local governments in Bangladesh Ahmed, Kh Azad Nandi, Sukumar 1990

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