1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CU-A01625-DLT0226 Monetary management in India A historical study - 1835-1966 Basak, Gopal Chandra - 1971
CU-A04974-DLT0293 Monetary management in India A historical study - 1835 - 1966 Basak, Gopal Chandra - 1971
CUE-A01258-T00770 Taxation of income in India a study of personal income taxation in India from 1951 52 to 1964 65 Gupta, Anupam Bhattacharya, S K 1971
CUE-A02022-T01216 Monetary policy in relation to Indian money market during the period of plan 1951 52 to 1965 66 Mukherjee, Sakti Pada Ghosh, Alak 1971
CUE-A02150-T01288 Monetary policy of the reserve bank of India in the context of planned economic development of the country Pal, Amarendranath - 1968
CUE-A02655-T01510 Co operation in the rural reconstruction of Uttar Pradesh Umrao, Ram Autar Dutta, R 1968
CUE-A02595-T01572 Capital output and employment in the Indian iron and steel industry Mukherjee, Binayendu Narayan Sen, S N 1968
CU-A00943-DLT0216 The evolution of monetary policy in India 1835 - 1966 Basak, Gopal Chandra - 1967
CUE-A02088-T01257 Some economic aspects of urban growth a case study of Bolpur Mukhopadhyay, Chittapriya Sen, S N 1967
CUE-A02132-T01275 Growth in selected Indian industries analysis of some aspects and inferences Nandi, Kesab Lal Mitra, J K 1967
CUE-A01023-T00645 Terms of trade a case study of the Indian subcontinent Majumdar, Nilay - 1965
CUE-A02099-T01261 Public enterprises in India a study of the working of selected public industrial enterprises in India Sen, Ena Datta, Amlan 1965
CUE-A02135-T01278 Trend and progress of banking in India in the context of a developing economy Bose, Manjula - 1965
CUE-A11679-T07739 A study of the working of selected public industrial enterprises in India Sen, Ena Vithojo, Amlan Datta 1965
CUE-A00985-T00625 Variations in food consumption in India 1920 21 to 1959 60 Thakur, Rajendramohan Chakrabarti - 1964
CUE-A01016-T00640 Railway rates policy and economic development in India Raina, Maharaj Krishen Sen, S N 1964
CUE-A01389-T00851 Agricultural taxations in India Sarkar, Bhabani Bhusan - 1964
CUE-A00934-T00603 A study in the prospects for export of traditional and non traditional goods Singh, R K Shah, Manubhai 1963
CUE-A11688-T07747 Currency and prices in India 1947 to 60 Mukherjee, Promode Kumar Sen, S N 1962
CUE-A02125-T01271 Local finance in urban areas in West Bengal Ghosh, Sachchidananda Banerjee, D N 1961

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