1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A04553-T02634 Intersectoral analysis of developing economy a possible new approach Basu, Krishna Mukerji, V 1980
CUE-A04847-T02850 Factor intensity in engineering exports Saha, SaKti Nath Bhattacharyya, Dhires Chandra 1979
CUE-A11687-T07746 An Investigation into the price elasticity of the marketable surplus Basu, S C Sen, Amitava 1979
CUE-A11843-T07901 A review of the studies on poverty and inequality in India Nandi, Sukumar - 1979
CUE-A04717-T02758 Dispersal of industries problems and policies Chaudhuri, Asit Kumar Bhattacharyya, S K 1978
CUE-A04767-T02792 Significance of income leakage in the export base model of regional growth a case study of Tripura Bhattacharyya, Prabhasranjan - 1978
CUE-A04999-T02949 A study regarding emperical investigations of certain propositions in trade theory Sanyal, Bikash Mohan Roy, Prabuddha Nath 1978
CU-A04122-DLT0270 Origins of the Indian Railway systems - Economic and social aspects of the growth of the Bengal Nagpur Railway 1887-1914 Dutta, Adhyapak Sunil - 1977
CUE-A04129-T02394 Surplus Labour problem in West Bengal agriculture a case study Ghosh, Sujit Kumar Dutta, Rakhal 1977
CUE-A05002-T02951 Aspects and implications of Foreign AID to India Thakur, Pabitrananda Roy, Prabuddha Nath 1977
CUE-A05015-T02963 An analysis of Indias export trade and industrial production 1951 52 to 1965 66 Gupta, Karun Kumar Das Roy, Asis Kumar 1977
CU-A03625-DLT0263 Reconstruction of the Age composition for the states and territories of India 1--881-1961 Mukherjee, Sudhansu Bhusan - 1975
CUE-A03342-T01919 Agricultural employment problems in some selected community development blocks in West Bengal a case study Ghosh, Sujit Kumar Dutta, Rakhal 1975
CUE-A03531-T02010 Futures trading in jute and jute goods an economic analysis Das, Krishna Datta, R 1975
CUE-A05845-T03247 Studies in the metallic complexes of some tetra substituted pyrazoles Chaudhury, Shyamal Roy Poddar, S N 1975
CUE-A02786-T01575 Role of monetary policy during the fourth five year plan in India Pal, Amarendranath Gupta, Subrata 1974
CUE-A03193-T01831 Technological progress and the law of falling tendency of the rate of profit in classical and marxian economics Chattopadhyay, Suhas Chandra Sweezys, P M 1974
CUE-A01134-T00700 Appreciation of Panditaraja Jagannatha from the aesthetic point of view Sarma, Narendra Nath - 1973
CUE-A02901-T01649 Economic development and inflation with special reference to India Dutta, Amar Nath Sen, S N 1973
CUE-A01539-T00949 Industrialisation and worker protest Rao, Gamji Parameshwara Datta, Amlan 1972

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