1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A18164-T14314 Migration, Skill Formation And Heterogeneous Firms In Developing Countries. Chaudhuri, Sravaitri Bhattacharyya, Ranajoy || Bhattacharya, Sukanta 2023
CUE-A17649-T13799 School education in West Bengal : an empirical analysis of challenges and opportunities Mishra, Shahsi Bhushan Dutta, Arijita 2023
CUE-A17753-T13903 On Health of Adolescent Women in India A Socio Economic Study Maitra, Souri Dutta, Arijita 2023
CUE-A17775-T13925 Farmer?s Indebtedness, Tenancy Rights and Agricultural Investment: An Empirical Study in West Bengal Sarbani Sarkar Panchanan Das 2023
CUE-A17822-T13972 Essays on norms institutions and social change Mukherjee, Tista Mukhopadhyay, Ishita 2023
CUE-A17856-T14006 Transition And Development: A Comparative Analysis Of The Economic System Of China And India. Majumdar, Sayonee Chakrabarti, Anjan 2023
CUE-A17978-T14128 Economy, Capitalism And Space: Rethinking The Idea Of Region. Majumder, Tanaya Chakrabarti, Anjan 2023
CUE-A17979-T14129 Employment Potential And Viability Of Women Entrepreneurship - A Study In West Bengal And India. Dhar, Trisha Gupta, Sudakshina 2023
CUE-A18033-T14183 Labour Law And Manufacturing Employment In The Post Economic Reform Period. Dasgupta, Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Sukanta 2023
CUE-A18034-T14184 Sanitation Achievements In India: Efficiency, Equity And Sustainability. Bose, Debasree Dutta, Arijita 2023
CUE-A18035-T14185 Factors Affecting Enrolment In Primary Schools - An Empirical Study In West Bengal. Mondal, Sweta Gupta, Sudakshina 2023
CUE-A17260-T13410 Female employment in the tertiary sector of India - a post liberalization analysis Lahiri, Dyuti Chatterjee, Mahalaya 2022
CUE-A17438-T13588 India's public distribution system : a theoretical and historical study Sarkar, Soumik Chakrabarti, Anjan 2022
CUE-A17570-T13720 Incentives and deterrence : microeconomic analysis of unlawful activities Sen Chowdhury, Swastick Ghosh, Santanu and Das, Panchanan 2022
CUE-A17127-T13277 A Study of the knowledge-based economy with special reference to the IT and ITes sector in India De, Swarita Bhattacharya, Uttam Kumar 2021
CUE-A17131-T13281 Employment, wage and discrimination in labour market in India : state level analysis of household survey data Banerjee, Tanima Das, Panchanan 2021
CUE-A16920-T13070 Measurement of fiscal and debt sustainability of Indian states - an alternative approach Dwivedi, Hari Krishna Chakraborty, Achin 2021
CUE-A16873-T13023 Female employment in India during 1983-2012 : a disaggregated analysis Bhowmick, Arpita Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2021
CUE-A16488-T12638 Migration and health : the Indian experience with special reference to West Bengal. Ray, Mala Dutta, Arijita 2019
CUE-A15966-T12116 An Analysis of educational outcomes at the primary level in India. Kayal, Tamal Krishna Mukhopadhyay, Rabindranath 2019

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