1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A14478-T10531 An analysis of dividend behavior of Indian corporate firms in the post reform period Lahiri, Poulomi Chakraborty, Indrani 2014
CUE-A13653-T10904 Rural non-farm activities and poverty alleviation - A study on West Bengal Ghosh, Arnab Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2014
CUE-A13965-T10061 Changing profile of malnutrition in India and its link with poverty and income Inequality Bhattacharyya, Maumita Bhattacharya, Rabindra Nath 2014
CUE-A13896-T10001 Aspects of child undernutrition in India Halder, Simantini Chakraborty, Achin 2014
CUE-A13889-T09994 Agricultural diversification in West Bengal extent determinants and implications Dasgupta, Suranjana Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2014
CUE-A13956-T10937 Job searching efficiency wage and capital mobility in the informal sector - Theory and policy Bandyopadhyay, Titaskumar Chaudhuri, Sarbajit 2014
CUE-A13860-T09969 Sustainable forest conservation in India - Economic linkages and livelihood dependence Bit, Jayita Bsnerjee, Sarmila 2014
CUE-A13866-T09975 Environmental hazards of the Indian thermal power sector Sarkar, Mriganka De Sikder, Soumyen 2013
CUE-A13440-T09485 Growth of outsourcing in India and its long run sustainability Bhattacharyya, Rajib Sikdar, Soumyen 2013
CUE-A13567-T09798 Globalization and trade in Health Services with special reference to India Lahiri, Kausik Banerjee, Sarmila 2013
CUE-A13591-T09585 In efficiency of government hospitals in West Bengal Bandyopadhyay, Satarupa Dutta, Arijita 2013
CUE-A13416-T09461 Mechanisation in contemporary Indian agriculture nature of ownership and use Sarkar, Anupam Ramachandran, V K 2013
CUE-A13323-T09374 The nexus of growth and employment under globalisation an analysis with reference to India Pal, Atreyee Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2013
CUE-A13250-T09303 Pollution management and common effluent treatment case of Indian Leather Industry Majumdar, Subhra Banerjee, Sarmila 2013
CUE-A13821-T09646 Land use land market and urban planning in Kolkata city Das, Ruma Giri, Pabitra Kumar 2013
CUE-A13455-T09499 Barriers to access public health with special focus on immunization an econometric analysis Barman, Debjani Dutta, Arijita 2013
CUE-A13034-T09090 Indoor air pollution and the pattern of morbidity a study on Urban India Dutta, Sabitri Banerjee, Sarmila 2012
CUE-A12988-T09044 Milk production in West Bengal the implications of cooperative Ghosh, Bikash Kumar Sarkar, Debnarayan 2012
CUE-A12993-T09049 A study of rural credit in Maharashtra the resurvey of a village from Western Maharashtra Chavan, Pallavi Swaminathan, Madhura 2012
CUE-A13426-T09471 Strategic trade energy consumption and welfare a computable general equilibrium analysis for India Das, Koushik Chakraborti, Pinaki 2012

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