1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Economics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A14571-T09733 The domestic effects of movements in the balance of payments Roy, Prabuddha Nath - 2016
CUE-A15039-T11193 Aspects of intergenerational economic mobility in India A, Bheemeshwar Reddy Swaminathan, Madhura 2015
CUE-A14887-T11040 An empirical study on the relationship between foreign direct investment and economic growth for selected Asian countries Roy, Samrat Mandal, Kumarjit 2015
CUE-A14767-T10681 Eco-system dependent livelihood and Urban land-use practices - The challenges for Kolkata and East Kolkata Wetlands Dey, Debanjana Banerjee, Sarmila 2015
CUE-A14484-T10535 Groundwater irrigation in West Bengal - Institutions markets and sustainable use Acharyya, Achiransu Bhattacharyya, Rabindra Nath 2015
CUE-A14452-T10505 Economics reforms and unorganised manufacturing sector in India - A disaggregated view Mitra, Mousumi Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2015
CUE-A14438-T10491 Microcredit - Some theoretical innovations Mukherjee, Shirsendu Bhattacharya, Sukanta 2015
CUE-A14394-T10450 Market structure performance appraisal and the role of state - The case study of crude steel Mallik, Tiyas Chakrabarti, Anjan 2015
CUE-A14374-T10430 Adaptability to pro-competitive environment - The case of unorganized Indian textile and garment enterprises Sen, Sarmishtha Banerjee, Sarmila 2015
CUE-A14362-T10418 Indo-asean free trade agreement - Consequences on the Indian economy Mandal, Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Ranajoy 2015
CUE-A14335-T10393 Role of foreign direct investment and multinational enterprises in Indian economy since 1991 Chattopadhyay, Sarbari Gupta, Subrata 2015
CUE-A14280-T10347 Livelihood strategies of the urban poor - A study with reference to Kolkata Chaudhuri, Saswati Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2015
CUE-A14184-T10257 Exploring the linkages between health and Education with special emphasis on children and adolescents Ghosh, Kakli Dutta, Arijita 2015
CUE-A14154-T10232 Strategic technology licensing between competitors in Oligopoly Sen, Neelanjan Bhattacharya, Sukanta 2015
CUE-A14034-T10115 Economic viability of an alternative road connectivity-a study of road transportation network in Tripura India corrected copy Sen, Subir Kumar Gupta, Sudakshina 2015
CUE-A14486-T09681 Changing profile of ports and its influence on the port towns of India: 1980 2010 Banerjee, Aparna Giri, Pabitra 2015
CUE-A13739-T09887 Micro-credit and women s empowerment - An empirical study on West Bengal Bera, Sujata Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar 2014
CUE-A13816-T09643 Pattern of morbidity and access to health care in West Bengal Bose, Montu Banerjee, Sarmila 2014
CUE-A13896-T10001 Aspects of child undernutrition in India Halder, Simantini Chakraborty, Achin 2014
CUE-A13965-T10061 Changing profile of malnutrition in India and its link with poverty and income Inequality Bhattacharyya, Maumita Bhattacharya, Rabindra Nath 2014

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