1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Pure Mathematics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A11444-T07504 On completely regular semiring Maity, Sunil Kumar Sen, M K 2006
CUE-A11465-T07525 Some problems associated with ternary semirings Kar, Sukhendu Dutta, T K 2006
CUE-A11516-T07576 A study of some special aspects of algebraic topology through homotopy theory Mitra, Shibopriya Adhikari, M R 2006
CUE-A11517-T07577 A study of human femur and knee joint from mathematical view point Adhikari, Swapan Kumar Adhikari, M R 2006
CUE-A11532-T07592 A study of some aspects of graph theory Pramanik, Lakshmikanta Adhikari, M R 2006
CUE-A11577-T07637 Some problems connected with the topology of a collection of subsets of a topological space Jana, Sandip Ganguly, Sobhakar 2006
CUE-A12290-T08347 Investigations on topologies of function spaces in general and generalized settings Sen, Ritu Ganguly, Shobhakar 2006
CUE-A11288-T07348 Study of certain generalized continuous functions and some related problems Mitra, Chandrani Ganguly, D K 2005
CUE-A11340-T07400 Spatio temporal and long term mathematical models on methane emission from rice fields Chakrabarti, Amit Bhattacharya, Dilip Kumar 2005
CUE-A11349-T07409 Some problems associated with topologies of function spaces and certain generalizations Datta, Krishnendu Ganguly, S 2005
CUE-A11403-T07463 Study of some types of quasi Einstein manifolds and their applications in the general theory of relativity and cosmology Bandyopadhyay, Mahuya Chaki, M C 2005
CUE-A11437-T07497 On some new approaches to pest management problems and control of vertically transmitted diseases Bhattacharyya, Samit Bhattacharya, Dilip Kumar 2005
CUE-A11162-T07222 Investigation of some new types of integrals Pal, Supriya Ganguly, D K 2004
CUE-A11258-T07318 Nonmonotonic reasoning and belief revision two aspects of common sense reasoning a logic algebraic study Ghosh, Sujata Chakraborty, M K 2004
CUE-A11268-T07328 Some problems on finite solvable groups Sen, Paramita Dutta, T K 2004
CUE-A11068-T07128 Certain investigations in riemannian and semi riemannian geometries Ghoshal, Pratip Kumar Chaki, M C 2003
CUE-A10968-T07028 Study of some types of riemannian and semi riemannian manifolds Maity, Ramkrishna Chaki, M C 2002
CUE-A10620-T06682 Fuzzy ideals of semirings and near rings Biswas, Biman Kumar Dutta, T K 2000
CUE-A10237-T06302 Investigations of some problems of topology and certain allied structures Debray, Atasi Mukherjee, M N 1999
CUE-A10268-T06332 Study of certain types of riemannian manifold Ghosh, Amalendu Majumdar, M 1999

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