1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Pure Mathematics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A07920-T04863 Study on some properties on sets and functions related to cantor type of sets Sarkar, Snigdha Ganguly, D K 1991
CUE-A09718-T05871 Study of some typical problems of set topology in generalized settings Bandyopadhyay, Gopal Kumar Mukherjee, M N 1990
CUE-A07695-T04720 Semigroup Saha, Nripendra Kumar Sen, M K 1989
CUE-A07182-T04344 Some problems of fixed point theorems Majumdar, Kanan Chatterjea, S K 1987
CUE-A07210-T04362 Some investigations in the theory of Eigen function expansions Bhattacharyya, Anindita Das, J 1987
CUE-A07767-T04765 Some fixed point theorems connected with the results of banach and brouwer Bayen, Dilip Kumar Chatterjea, S K 1987
CUE-A06812-T04076 On generating functions for certain special functions and their applications Sultan, Taha Ibrahim Mohamed Chatterjea, S K 1986
CUE-A06933-T04168 Problems of eigenfunctions in the light of the theory of transforms Laha, Gopinath Das, J 1986
CUE-A06839-T04098 Study of differentiable manifolds admitting some types of linear connections Ray, Asok Kumar Barua, B 1985
CUE-A07138-T04312 Some problems on eigenfunction expansion some investigations on m coefficients Majumdar, Manju Das, J 1985
CUE-A07077-T04277 Some eigenvalue problems associated with differential equations Paladhi, Swapna Roy Chakravarty, N K 1984
CUE-A09117-T05522 On some properties of pseudo ideals and gamma rings Dutta, Tapan Kumar Sen, M K 1983
CU-A06332-DSC0536 Application of Mathematics in Biology Roy, Sunirmal Kumar - 1981
CUE-A05460-T03228 Special faithful representation of universal algebras into groups Chatterjee, Manju Bandyopadhyay, S P 1981
CUE-A05594-T03329 Some problems connected with contraction type mappings Ghosh, Kisori Mohan Chatterjea, S K 1980
CUE-A04618-T02681 Some separation problems of ordinary differential equations Dey, Jayasri Das, J 1979
CUE-A04097-T02374 Some problems on eigenfunction expansions involving a pair of second order differential systems Gupta, Prabir Kumar Sen Chakravarty, N K 1978
CU-A05019-DSC0513 Application of mathematics in biology Roy, Sunirmal - 1977
CUE-A03918-T02259 Some growth properties of entire dirichlet series the growth and structures algebric and ropological of a class of entire dirichlet series Chakraborty, B C Bose, S K 1976
CU-A03599-DSC0463 Classical and group-theoretic analysis of some problems of special functions Chattopadhyay, Santi Kumar - 1974

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