1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Pure Mathematics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A18181-T14331 Study Of Topological Problems Via Associated Algebraic Structures. Mondal, Atanu Deb Ray, Atasi 2023
CUE-A18106-T14256 A Study Of Certain Aspects Of Topological And Metric Spaces In Wider Settings. Adhya, Sugata Ray, Atasi Deb 2023
CUE-A18059-T14209 A Study Of Some Topological Semigroups. Paul, Monika Maity, Sunil Kumar 2023
CUE-A17873-T14023 A Glimpse Of Frame In The Aspect Of Linear n-normed Spaces And n-inner Product Spaces. Ghosh, Prasenjit Samanta, Tapas Kumar 2023
CUE-A17836-T13986 On some algebraic aspects of secret image sharing Sardar, Md Kutubuddin Adhikari, Avishek 2023
CUE-A17675-T13825 On Beurling's uncertainty principle involving vanishing set of positive measure Debnath, Santanu Sen, Suparna 2023
CUE-A17655-T13805 Study of some problems associated with topological ternary semigroups Samanta, Swapan Jana, Sandip 2023
CUE-A17281-T13431 Study of some algebraic structures in the settings of soft sets and fuzzy soft sets Ghosh, Jayanta Mandal, Dhananjoy and Samanta, Tapas Kumar 2022
CUE-A17243-T13393 A Study of nonmeasurable sets and functions and related topics Sen, Debasish Ganguly, Sobhankar and Basu, Sanjib 2022
CUE-A17289-T13439 Fault tolerance in cryptographic secret sharing using algebraic techniques Pramanik, Jyotirmoy Adhikari, Avishek and Jana, Sandip 2022
CUE-A17451-T13601 Spectra of graphs on various algebraic structures Banerjee, Subarsha Adhikari, Avishek and Jana, Sandip 2022
CUE-A17601-T13751 Study of some new structure associated with topological algebra Halder, Prithwiraj Jana, Sandip 2022
CUE-A17520-T13670 Some studies associated with curvatures and critical metrics of almost contact metric manifolds Dey, Dibakar Majhi, Pradip 2022
CUE-A16894-T13044 Certain investigations on Ricci solitons and its generalizations in the framework of almost contact and para-contact manifolds Kar, Debabrata Majhi, Pradip 2021
CUE-A16713-T12863 On some emblematic aspects of topology in fuzzy perspective Mukherjee, Prakash Mukherjee, M.N. 2020
CUE-A16810-T12960 Study of topological exponential vector space Sharma, Priti Jana, Sandip 2020
CUE-A16736-T12886 On the development of soft topological spaces and topological algebraic structures Roy, Sanjay Mandal, Dhananjoy and Samanta, Tapas Kr. 2019
CUE-A16277-T12427 Rings and intermediate rings of continuous functions and measurable functions Bag, Sagarmoy Mandal, Dhananjoy 2019
CUE-A16038-T12188 On some topological concepts investigated in certain generalized frames of reference Das, Manik Mandal, Dhananjoy 2019
CUE-A15797-T11947 Investigations of certain problems of topology and their ramifications Sinha, Sunanda Mukherjee, M.N. 2018

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