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Title Author Subject Publisher Action
Our Toxic World Toxics Link Geography Sage Details
Out of Control Jaber F. Gubrium Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Out of the Darkness Glenda Kaufman Kantor Criminology Sage Details
Outcome Measures for Health Education and Other Health Care Interventions Kate Lorig Health & Social Care Sage Details
Outdoor Provision in the Early Years Jan White Education Sage Details
Overcoming Obstacles in CBT Craig Chigwedere Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Overcoming Unintentional Racism in Counseling and Therapy Charles R. Ridley Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Packaging Life Pramod K Nayar Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Pandemonium Gibson Burrell Business & Management Sage Details
Paradoxes of Culture and Globalization Martin J. Gannon Business & Management Sage Details
Parenting George W. Holden Education Sage Details
Parish Nursing Phyllis Ann Solari-Twadell Health & Social Care Sage Details
Participation and Empowerment in Organizations Abraham Sagie Business & Management Sage Details
Participatory Action Research for Educational Leadership E. Alana James Education Sage Details
Participatory Rural Appraisal N Narayanasamy Business & Management Sage Details
Partnership Working to Support Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Rona Tutt Health & Social Care Sage Details
Passionate Leadership in Education Brent Davies Education Sage Details
Passionate Sociology Ann Game Sociology Sage Details
Pastoral Care & Counselling Gordon Lynch Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Pathology and the Postmodern Dwight Fee Psychology Sage Details
Pathways of Dissent R Cheran Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Patients, Power and Politics Christine Hogg Health & Social Care Sage Details
Pattern Changing for Abused Women Marilyn Shear Goodman Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Patterns of Middle Class Consumption in India and China Christophe Jaffrelot Sociology Sage Details
Paul Ricoeur Richard Kearney Sociology Sage Details
Paul Virilio John Armitage Sociology Sage Details
Peace by Peaceful Means Johan Galtung Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Peace is Everybody's Business Arjun Ray (retd) Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Pediatric Disorders Paul C. McCabe Education Sage Details
Peer Groups SunWolf Media & Communication Sage Details
Peer Support in Action Helen Cowie Education Sage Details
Peer to Peer and the Music Industry Matthew David Media & Communication Sage Details
Penal Systems Michael Cavadino Criminology Sage Details
Penology David Scott Criminology Sage Details
Perceived Control, Motivation, & Coping Ellen A. Skinner Education Sage Details
Performance Management in Education Jenny Reeves Education Sage Details
Performance-Driven Organizational Change Lex Donaldson Business & Management Sage Details
Performativity & Belonging Vikki Bell Sociology Sage Details
Performing Culture John Tulloch Media & Communication Sage Details
Personal and Professional Development for Counsellors Paul Wilkins Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Personal Construct Counselling in Action Fay Fransella Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Personal Development in Counsellor Training Hazel Johns Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Personality and Politics Stephen J. Wayne Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Personality Disorders William O'Donohue Psychology Sage Details
Personality in Work Organizations Lawrence R. James Business & Management Sage Details
Personality Psychology Jim McMartin Psychology Sage Details
Personality Theories Albert Ellis Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Personalized Learning John H. Clarke Education/Corwin Sage Details
Person-Centered Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations Jeanne M. Plas Business & Management Sage Details
Person-Centred Counselling David L Rennie Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Person-Centred Counselling Psychology Ewan Gillon Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Person-Centred Counselling Training Dave Mearns Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Person-centred Therapy and CBT Roger Casemore Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Person-Centred Therapy in Focus Paul Wilkins Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Perspectives on Loss and Trauma John H. Harvey Psychology Sage Details
Phenomenological Sociology Harvie Ferguson Sociology Sage Details
Phonics Maureen Lewis Education Sage Details
Physical Activity and Behavioral Medicine James F. Sallis Psychology Sage Details
Physical Education Ken Green Education Sage Details
Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory Bridget Fowler Sociology Sage Details
Place-Based Science Teaching and Learning Cory A. Buxton Education Sage Details
Planned Change Theories for Nursing Constance Rimmer Tiffany Health & Social Care Sage Details
Planning a Successful Conference Cynthia Winter Business & Management Sage Details
Planning and Urban Change Stephen Ward Geography Sage Details
Planning Classroom Management Karen Bosch Education Sage Details
Planning Educational Visits for the Early Years Anna Salaman Education Sage Details
Planning Focus Groups David L. Morgan Education Sage Details
Planning in Britain Andrew Gilg Geography Sage Details
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in Development Organisations John De Coninck Business & Management Sage Details
Play and Practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage Natalie Canning Education Sage Details
Play, Learning and the Early Childhood Curriculum Elizabeth Wood Education Sage Details
Play-based Learning in the Primary School Mary Briggs Education Sage Details
Polar Inertia Paul Virilio Sociology Sage Details
Police and Law Enforcement William J. Chambliss Criminology Sage Details
Policing John Grieve Criminology Sage Details

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