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Title Author Subject Publisher Action
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Management Paul Griseri Business & Management Sage Details
An Introduction to Theories of Human Development Neil J Salkind Psychology Sage Details
An Invitation to Ethnomethodology David Francis Sociology Sage Details
Analysing Popular Music David Machin Media & Communication Sage Details
Analyzing and Reporting Focus Group Results Richard A. Krueger Education Sage Details
Analyzing Crime Patterns Victor Goldsmith Criminology Sage Details
Analyzing Everyday Texts Glenn Stillar Media & Communication Sage Details
Anger Management Swati Y Bhave Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Animals and Modern Cultures Adrian Franklin Sociology Sage Details
Anthony Giddens and Modern Social Theory Kenneth Tucker Sociology Sage Details
Anthropologists Inside Organisations Devi Sridhar Sociology Sage Details
Anti-Oppressive Practice in Health and Social Care Viola Nzira Health & Social Care Sage Details
Anti-Oppressive Social Work Siobhan Laird Health & Social Care Sage Details
Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology Richard W. Brislin Psychology Sage Details
Applied Developmental Science Richard M. Lerner Psychology Sage Details
Applied Human Resource Management Kenneth M. York Business & Management Sage Details
Applied Psychometry Narender Kumar Chadha Psychology Sage Details
Applied Social Psychology Gün R Semin Psychology Sage Details
Applied Social Science for Early Years Ewan Ingleby Education Sage Details
Applying for Research Funding Joanne B. Ries Sociology Sage Details
Applying the Strategic Perspective Anna Getmansky Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Approaches to Human Geography Stuart Aitken Geography Sage Details
Approaches to Positive Youth Development Rainer K Silbereisen Psychology Sage Details
Arguing for a General Framework for Mass Media Scholarship W. James Potter Media & Communication Sage Details
Argumentative and Aggressive Communication Andrew S. Rancer Media & Communication Sage Details
Arms Control Jozef Goldblat Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Art Therapy, Research and Evidence-based Practice Andrea Gilroy Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Arts and Humanities Brenda Jo Brueggemann Education Sage Details
Arts Based Research Tom Barone Education Sage Details
Asia 2050 Harinder S Kohli Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Asian American Ethnicity and Communication William B. Gudykunst Media & Communication Sage Details
Asian American Society Mary Yu Danico Sociology Sage Details
Asian Americans Pyong Gap Min Sociology Sage Details
Aspects of Asperger's Maude Brown Education Sage Details
Assess for Success Patricia L. Sitlington Education Sage Details
Assessing Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Preschool Children Sandra K. Hewitt Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Assessing and Addressing Literacy Needs Barbara Combs Education Sage Details
Assessing and Treating Culturally Diverse Clients Freddy A. Paniagua Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Assessing and Treating Physically Abused Children and Their Families David Kolko Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Assessing Educational Leaders Douglas B. Reeves Education Sage Details
Assessing Woman Battering in Mental Health Services Edward W. Gondolf Criminology Sage Details
Assessment and Learning John Gardner Education Sage Details
Assessment for Learning and Teaching in Secondary Schools Martin Fautley Education Sage Details
Assessment for Learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Jonathan Glazzard Education Sage Details
Assessment of Learning Wynne Harlen Education Sage Details
Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning Arthur L. Costa Education Sage Details
Assessment-Powered Teaching Nancy W. Sindelar Education Sage Details
Assistive Technology and Science Cathy Bodine Education Sage Details
Assumptions about Human Nature Lawrence S. Wrightsman Psychology Sage Details
Athletes and Acquaintance Rape Jeffrey R. Benedict Criminology Sage Details
Attention Addie Johnson Psychology Sage Details
Attention Deficits and Hyperactivity in Children Stephen P. Hinshaw Education Sage Details
Attention Seeking Nigel Mellor Education Sage Details
Attitudes and Related Psychosocial Constructs Lewis Aiken Psychology Sage Details
Attracting Equity Investors Dean A. Shepherd Business & Management Sage Details
Audience Analysis Denis McQuail Media & Communication Sage Details
Audience-Citizens Ramaswami Harindranath Media & Communication Sage Details
Audiences Nicholas Abercrombie Media & Communication Sage Details
Autism Efrosini Kalyva Education Sage Details
Autism and Early Years Practice Kate Wall Education Sage Details
Autism and Understanding Walter Solomon Education Sage Details
Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Early Years Lynn Plimley Education Sage Details
Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Secondary School Lynn Plimley Education Sage Details
Automobilities Mike Featherstone Sociology Sage Details
Bakhtin and the Human Sciences Michael E Gardiner Sociology Sage Details
Balancing the Federal Budget Irene S. Rubin Politics & International Relations Sage Details
Balancing Work and Caregiving for Children, Adults, and Elders Margaret B. Neal Sociology Sage Details
Banal Nationalism Michael Billig Sociology Sage Details
Barbie Culture Mary F Rogers Media & Communication Sage Details
Basic Research Methods Gerard Guthrie Sociology Sage Details
Basics of Structural Equation Modeling Geoffrey M. Maruyama Business & Management Sage Details
Batterer Intervention Systems Edward W. Gondolf Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Bearing the Brunt Swarna S Vepa Sociology Sage Details
Becoming a Professional Counselor Sheri A. Wallace Counselling & Psychotherapy Sage Details
Becoming a Social Worker Caroline Humphrey Health & Social Care Sage Details

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