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Concentrating Solar Power and Desalination Plants Patricia Palenzuela, Diego-César Alarcón-Padilla, Guillermo Zaragoza Energy Springer Details
Grate-Fired Energy Crop Conversion Maryori C. Díaz-Ramírez Energy Springer Details
Power Electronics for the Next Generation Wind Turbine System Ke Ma Energy Springer Details
Managing Indoor Environments and Energy in Buildings with Integrated Intelligent Systems Triantafyllia Nikolaou, Dionysia Kolokotsa, George Stavrakakis, Apostolos Apostolou, Corneliu Munteanu Energy Springer Details
Politics, Markets and EU Gas Supply Security Sandu-Daniel Kopp Energy Springer Details
Regulatory Pathways For Smart Grid Development in China Gert Brunekreeft, Till Luhmann, Tobias Menz, Sven-Uwe Müller, Paul Recknagel Energy Springer Details
Nuclear Waste Governance Achim Brunnengräber, Maria Rosaria Di Nucci, Ana Maria Isidoro Losada, Lutz Mez, Miranda A. Schreurs Energy Springer Details
Electrochemical Water Oxidation at Iron(III) Oxide Electrodes Sandra Haschke Energy Springer Details
Modified Graphitic Carbon Nitrides for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from Water Karl Striegler Energy Springer Details
Pyridine-functionalized Polymeric Catalysts for CO2-Reduction Melanie Weichselbaumer Energy Springer Details
Structural Optimization and Experimental Investigation of the Organic Rankine Cycle for Solar Thermal Power Generation Jing Li Energy Springer Details
Energy Management of Internet Data Centers in Smart Grid Tao Jiang, Liang Yu, Yang Cao Energy Springer Details
Fiber-Shaped Energy Harvesting and Storage Devices Huisheng Peng Energy Springer Details
Bilevel Programming Problems Stephan Dempe, Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, Gerardo A. Pérez-Valdés, Nataliya Kalashnykova Energy Springer Details
Cyber Physical Systems Approach to Smart Electric Power Grid Siddhartha Kumar Khaitan, James D. McCalley, Chen Ching Liu Energy Springer Details
Low-carbon City and New-type Urbanization Songlin Feng, Weiguang Huang, Jun Wang, Mingquan Wang, Jun Zha Energy Springer Details
Organometallics and Related Molecules for Energy Conversion Wai-Yeung Wong Energy Springer Details
Coal Fired Flue Gas Mercury Emission Controls Jiang Wu, Yan Cao, Weiguo Pan, Weiping Pan Energy Springer Details
Vector Control of Three-Phase AC Machines Nguyen Phung Quang, Jörg-Andreas Dittrich Energy Springer Details
China’s Economic Gene Mutations Zhaoguang Hu, Jian Zhang, Ning Zhang Energy Springer Details
Structure and Reactivity of Coal Ke-Chang Xie Energy Springer Details
Topical Themes in Energy and Resources Yasumitsu Tanaka, Michael Norton, Yu-You Li Energy Springer Details
A Study of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Process Michio Ishikawa Energy Springer Details
Energy Security and Development B. Sudhakara Reddy, Sergio Ulgiati Energy Springer Details
Compact Models and Performance Investigations for Subthreshold Interconnects Rohit Dhiman, Rajeevan Chandel Energy Springer Details
Energy Sustainability Through Green Energy Atul Sharma, Sanjay Kumar Kar Energy Springer Details
The Risk City Yosef Jabareen Energy Springer Details
Renewable Energies and European Landscapes Marina Frolova, María-José Prados, Alain Nadaï Energy Springer Details
Energy Demand in Industry Nabaz T Khayyat Energy Springer Details
Against All Odds Sarah Forster-Heinzer Energy Springer Details
Static Compensators (STATCOMs) in Power Systems Farhad Shahnia, Sumedha Rajakaruna, Arindam Ghosh Energy Springer Details
Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids Sumedha Rajakaruna, Farhad Shahnia, Arindam Ghosh Energy Springer Details
Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids Sumedha Rajakaruna, Farhad Shahnia, Arindam Ghosh Energy Springer Details
Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids Sumedha Rajakaruna, Farhad Shahnia, Arindam Ghosh Energy Springer Details
ICIPEG 2014 Mariyamni Awang, Berihun Mamo Negash, Nur Asyraf Md Akhir, Luluan Almanna Lubis Energy Springer Details
In Silico Engineering of Disulphide Bonds to Produce Stable Cellulase Bahram Barati, Iraj Sadegh Amiri Energy Springer Details
Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electricity Services Marija Ilic, Le Xie, Qixing Liu Engineering Springer Details
Encyclopedia of Tribology Q. Jane Wang, Yip-Wah Chung Engineering Springer Details
Time-Delay Systems Vladimir L. Kharitonov Engineering Springer Details
Structural Analysis with the Finite Element Method Linear Statics Eugenio Oñate Engineering Springer Details
Handbook of Sustainable Engineering Joanne Kauffman, Kun-Mo Lee Engineering Springer Details
Nonlinear Structural Mechanics Walter Lacarbonara Engineering Springer Details
Advanced Flip Chip Packaging Ho-Ming Tong, Yi-Shao Lai, C.P. Wong Engineering Springer Details
Green Manufacturing David A. Dornfeld Engineering Springer Details
Introduction to Biosensors Jeong-Yeol Yoon Engineering Springer Details
Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks and Computational RFID Joshua R. Smith Engineering Springer Details
Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis Christine Fernandez-Maloigne Engineering Springer Details
Integrated Optical Interconnect Architectures for Embedded Systems Ian O'Connor, Gabriela Nicolescu Engineering Springer Details
Network-Embedded Management and Applications Alexander Clemm, Ralf Wolter Engineering Springer Details
Automotive Radar Sensors in Silicon Technologies Vipul Jain, Payam Heydari Engineering Springer Details
Handbook of Satellite Applications Joseph N. Pelton, Scott Madry, Sergio Camacho-Lara Engineering Springer Details
Selected Topics in Micro/Nano-robotics for Biomedical Applications Yi Guo Engineering Springer Details
Human Walking in Virtual Environments Frank Steinicke, Yon Visell, Jennifer Campos, Anatole Lécuyer Engineering Springer Details
Embedded Systems for Smart Appliances and Energy Management Christoph Grimm, Peter Neumann, Stefan Mahlknecht Engineering Springer Details
MEMS-based Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communication Christian C Enz, Andreas Kaiser Engineering Springer Details
Grid Integration and Dynamic Impact of Wind Energy Vijay Vittal, Raja Ayyanar Engineering Springer Details
Implementing Software Defined Radio Eugene Grayver Engineering Springer Details
Design for High Performance, Low Power, and Reliable 3D Integrated Circuits Sung Kyu Lim Engineering Springer Details
Wireless Vehicular Networks for Car Collision Avoidance Rola Naja Engineering Springer Details
Application of Imaging Techniques to Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Volume 4 Tom Proulx Engineering Springer Details
3D-TV System with Depth-Image-Based Rendering Ce Zhu, Yin Zhao, Lu Yu, Masayuki Tanimoto Engineering Springer Details
Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices Dan Zhang Engineering Springer Details
Materials for Nuclear Plants Wolfgang Hoffelner Engineering Springer Details
Oil Transport Management Y.H. Venus Lun, Olli-Pekka Hilmola, Alexander M. Goulielmos, Kee-hung Lai, T.C. Edwin Cheng Engineering Springer Details
Advanced Control of Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Systems Zhijun Li, Chenguang Yang, Liping Fan Engineering Springer Details
Quality Control Applications Dimitris N. Chorafas Engineering Springer Details
Snake Robots Pål Liljebäck, Kristin Y. Pettersen, Øyvind Stavdahl, Jan Tommy Gravdahl Engineering Springer Details
Decision-Based Design Wei Chen, Christopher Hoyle, Henk Jan Wassenaar Engineering Springer Details
Concept Generation for Design Creativity Toshiharu Taura, Yukari Nagai Engineering Springer Details
Theories, Methods and Numerical Technology of Sheet Metal Cold and Hot Forming Ping Hu, Ning Ma, Li-zhong Liu, Yi-guo Zhu Engineering Springer Details
Improving the Earthquake Resilience of Buildings Izuru Takewaki, Abbas Moustafa, Kohei Fujita Engineering Springer Details
Congestion Control in Data Transmission Networks Przemys?aw Ignaciuk, Andrzej Bartoszewicz Engineering Springer Details
Maritime Governance and Policy-Making Michael Roe Engineering Springer Details
Electromagnetic Behaviour of Metallic Wire Structures S. T. Chui, Lei Zhou Engineering Springer Details
Creating Shared Understanding in Product Development Teams Louise Møller, Christian Tollestrup Engineering Springer Details

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