1. PRS Dissertations
  2. Chemistry
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide File
CU-A08072-PRS0170 Synthetic studies on 5 - membered heterocycles n.d. Banerji, Avijit
CU-A06205-PRS0051 Studies on the nickel peroxide oxidation of some organic compounds and on the chemical constituents of some Indian medicinal Plants Mallik, Asok Kumar -
CU-A06395-PRS0056 Biochemical studies on pigment metabolism in relation to Vitiligo Chakraborty, Ashok Kumar Chakraborty, D P
CU-A06469-PRS0119 Chemistry of compositae Plants Mukherjee, Rabindranath -
CU-A06418-PRS0077 Studies on natural products and application of Thallium reagents in organic chemistry Banerji, Avijit Basu, Sadhan
CU-A06403-PRS0063 Development of Fe-Mn-Ni base maraging alloys Ray, Ranjit Kumar -
CU-A06464-PRS0196 Studies on naturally occurring heterocyclic compounds Bhattacharyya, Prantosh -
CU-A06434-PRS0091 Adsorption characteristics of natural and synthetics Fulvic Acids at oil water interface Datta, Chhabi -
CU-A06476-PRS0124 Studies on adsorption of Dodecyl pyridinium bromide from Salt solutions at oil-Water interface Kundu, Lalita Pattrea -
CU-A06475-PRS0123 Studies on electrokinetic potential of oil droplets dispersed in aqueous solutions of N-cetyl pyridinium chloride Kundu, Lalita -
CU-A06440-PRS0097 Studies on cobalt II complexes of substituted thioureas Basu, Satyendra Nath -
CU-A06430-PRS0087 On naturally occurring Triterpenoids Kundu, Amit Baran -
CU-A06412-PRS0071 Studies on Indian Plants containing triterpenoids and alkalods Das, Subhas Chandra -
CU-A06451-PRS0105 Chemistry of compositae Plants and the Diphenylamine analogs of thyroxine Mukherjee, Rabindranath -
CU-A06437-PRS0094 Studies on the alkaloidal principles of Indian medicinal Plants Majumder, Priyalal -
CU-A06429-PRS0086 Studies on the thermodynamic properties of the complexes in solution Lahiri, Sujit Chandra -
CU-A06392-PRS0054 Studies on metal chelates of dithiocarbazic Acid Mandal, Prabhat Kumar -
CU-A06500-PRS0144 Studies on heterocyclic constituents of the order rutales Chowdhury, Bejoy Krishna -
CU-A01802-PRS0034 Chemical studies on the active principles of some Euphorbiaceae Plants Mukherjee, Rabindranath -
CU-A01586-PRS0030 Studies on the chemical constituents of some Indian medicinal Plants Chaudhury, Bani Talapatra -

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