1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Mathematics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A00087-T00077 Collision of electron with atom Gupta, Santi Brata Basu, D 2016
CUE-A00998-T00631 Certain investigations in Riemannian geometry Sen, Hrishikes Sen, R N 2016
CUE-A08502-T05197 Some contributions to mathematical bio science Roy, Sunirmal Kumar - 2016
CUE-A12806-T08861 Fuzzy hyperaction of monoids and fuzzy finite automata Chaudhuri, Gautam Sen, M K 2011
CUE-A12315-T08372 On the additively regular semirings Bhuniya, Anjan Kumar Sen, M K 2009
CUE-A11712-T07771 Lie theoretic study of certain problems of orthogonal polynomials Uddin, Md Zohir Basu, D K 2006
CUE-A11173-T07233 A class of subrings of C X and their bearing on the topology of X D e, Dibyendu Acharyya, Sudip Kumar 2004
CUE-A11219-T07279 Study of some problems on generating functions for certain special functions by group theoretic method Sen, Bijankumar Chongdar, A K 2003
CUE-A11047-T07107 Some generalisations of classical orthonormal polynomial with application Rana, Niranjan Kumar Dutta, M 2002
CUE-A10653-T06714 A study of certain problems of some special functions from the view point of lie group Acharyya, Subodh Kumar Basu, D K 2001
CUE-A10073-T06141 Some problems on generating functions of special functions from Lie Theoretic view point Gupta, Swapna Basu, D K 1997
CUE-A10686-T06747 Application of group theory in the study of some problems of special functions Pan, Sudip Kumar Chongdar, A K 1995
CUE-A09477-T05711 A study of some fixed point theorems Sarkar, Asit Kumar Chatterjea, S K 1994
CUE-A07559-T04626 Some problems of optimization with special reference to fractional programming Chattopadhyay, Syamal Sen, Rabindranath 1989
CUE-A07801-T04785 A study of some queueing models Chattopadhyay, Utpal Mukherjee, S P 1989
CUE-A07923-T04866 Matrix based studies and algorithmic development of some properties of graphs Mukhopadhyay, Phalguni Mukherjee, Triptimoy 1989
CUE-A07185-T04346 Some problems on special functions Barik, Nanigopal Chatterjea, S K 1987
CUE-A09750-T05889 A study of transition from laminar to turbulend flow Roy, Tej Narayan Sharma, Rajendra 1986
CUE-A09749-T05888 Restricted problem with variable mass under perturbed potential Rizvi, Syed Sarwar Abbas Ishwar, Bhola 1986
CUE-A08142-T04993 Study of some flow fields connected with flame stabilization Debnath, Krishnadas Ghosh, Ambarish 1985

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