1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Genetics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A12890-T08946 Analysis of different species of asparagus by cytomolecular techniques Ray, Suranjana - 2011
CUE-A12867-T08922 A study of kainate subtype glutamate receptor GluR5 GRIK1 polymorphisms in down syndrome Ghosh, Debarati Nandgopal, K 2011
CUE-A12681-T08736 Genetic transformation in medicinal plants for the elicitation of secondary metabolites Biswas, Sukanya Jha, Sumita 2011
CUE-A12520-T08576 Characterization of jute mosaic disease and its etiological agent Ghosh, Raju Ghosh, Subrata Kumar 2010
CUE-A12583-T08640 A molecular study of the GARS AIRS GART gene involved in de novo purine bio synthesis and down syndrome Banerjee, Disha Nandagopal, Krishnadas 2010
CUE-A12346-T08402 Spectroscopic and related biophysical studies on some therapeutically relevant compounds with proteins membranes and other microheterogenous systems Chaudhuri, Sudip Sengupta, P K 2009
CUE-A12070-T08128 Studies on intra protein networks Aftabuddin, M d Kundu, Sudip 2008
CUE-A12074-T08132 Studies on polyamines in vigna radiata L Wilczek Roy, Urmi Raychaudhuri, Sarmistha 2008
CUE-A12104-T08162 Studies on plant regeneration and molecular markers in Plantago ovate Forsk Roy, Ushri Raychaudhuri, Sarmistha 2008
CUE-A12180-T08236 Studies on glycation induced modifications of hemoglobin Bose, Tania Chakraborti, A S 2008
CUE-A11993-T08051 Specificity of RNA protein interactions in ribosome mediated protein folding Samanta, Dibyendu Dasgupta, Chanchal K 2008
CUE-A11958-T08016 Studies on morphological biochemical and molecular changes induced by gamma ray in Vigna Radiata L Wilczek Begum, Yasmin Raychaudhuri, Sarmistha Sen 2008
CUE-A11941-T07999 Some genetic and environmental factors influencing carcinogenesis Majumdar, Sunipa Dasgupta, Uma 2008
CUE-A12115-T08173 Cytotoxic effects of arsenic in mammalian system in relation to anti oxidants carotene and tea Chakraborty, Tulika D e, Madhusnata 2007
CUE-A11766-T07825 Studies on different biochemical aspects of diabetes mellitus Sen, Subhrojit Chakraborti, Abhay Sankar 2007
CUE-A11684-T07743 Studies in Leukemia Mondal, Bama Charan Dasgupta, Uma 2007
CUE-A11377-T07437 Molecular mechanism of auxin mediated stress tolerance in arachis hypogea cell suspension culture Nag, Ranita Dasgupta, Maitrayee 2006
CUE-A11615-T07675 Molecular changes induced by arsenic Chanda, Sarmishtha Dasgupta, Uma 2006
CUE-A11730-T06705 Molecular characterization of vibriophage S5 Mitra, Kalyan Gupta, Chanchal Das 2006
CUE-A11647-T07707 Development and molecular characterization of transgenic indica rice with pepc gene of C4 system Bandyopadhyay, Anindya Datta, Swapan K 2006

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