1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Philosophy
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A16580-T12730 Women and major world religions : a philosophical and sociological study comparative religion Bhattacharya, Soma Mohanta, Dilip Kumar 2019
CUE-A16447-T12597 Gitar naitik samasya o nitinirdesh Chattopadhyay, Chumki Chattopadhyay, Krishna 2019
CUE-A16418-T12568 The Concept of 'Human Dignity' and interpersonal relationship : a philosophical enquiry Roy, Apurbo Kumar Sarkar, Priyambada 2019
CUE-A16321-T12471 Rabindranath Tagore on the problem of evil : a philosophical approach Majumdar, Aparna Mohanta, Dilip Kumar 2019
CUE-A16656-T12806 Non-violence - the need of this hour Sutradhar, Bappa Mitra, Shilpita 2019
CUE-A16201-T12351 Violence in major semitic religions : a philosophical exploration Chattopadhyay, Iti Sarkar, Priyambada and Bhattacharya, Jyoti Prasad 2018
CUE-A16179-T12329 A Critical survey of ordinary language philosophy : Wittgenstein, Ryle, Austin and Strawson Dutta, Sumita Bhattacharyya, Subir Ranjan 2018
CUE-A16151-T12301 Descartes' causal argument for the existance of God Bhowmik, Sanchari Sanyal, Manidipa 2018
CUE-A15663-T11813 Wittgenstein's conception of language : a critical exposition Gupta, Anindita Bhattacharyya, Subir Ranjan 2017
CUE-A15350-T11500 A Philosophical exploration of forgiveness in Islam Poddar, Mriganka Sankar Chanda, Nini 2017
CU-A02321-DLT0245 Kant fichte schelling Bhattacharya, Sivajivan - 2017
CU-A02477-DLT0250 Absolute in the Mahajane philosophy and in other allied thoughts Bhattacharyya, Ajit Ranjan - 2017
CUE-A02623-T01502 Nation and religion as factors securing harmonious adjustment in a state Mondal, Binodananda - 2016
CUE-A04180-T02426 Influence of Vedanta on Vaisnavism Nag, Anita - 2016
CUO-A03974-T02297 Bharatiya darsane sabdasya pramanantaretwa samiksha a critique of word as an independent method of cognition Bandyopadhyay, Sankar Prasad - 2016
CUE-A03317-T01905 Self realization in C G Jung a comparative study Acharya, Pratibha Chatterjee, Pritibhushan 2016
CUE-A03289-T01886 Consciousness in the philosophy of whitehead Mukherjee, Anil Kumar Chatterjee, P B 2016
CUO-A02308-T01368 The idealist theory of value Mukherji, Apala - 2016
CUE-A02233-T01327 A study in freedom from metaphysical and scientific points of view Chaudhury, Sanat Kumar Rai - 2016
CU-A01364-DLT0223 An introduction to the Philosophy of symbolic forms Sarma, Swaraj Brata Sen - 2016

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