1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Pali
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A16442-T12592 A Comparative study of the Mahayana Dharani and Theravada Paritta Bhattacharyya, Biswajit Sarkar Chatterjee, Jayanti 2019
CUE-A16664-T12814 Working Buddhist women in Taiwan, with special reference to the Fo Guang Shan monastery Rani, Chaya Dutta, Bela and Barua, Subhra 2019
CUE-A16544-T12694 Indian Buddhist epistemological texts in Tibet Ghosh, Rituparna Biswas, Aiswarya and Bhattacharya, Buddhadev 2018
CUE-A15810-T11960 Studies on the lay-life of India as reflected in 598 Jataka (C.6th century B.Cc. - 5th century A.D) Mondal, Rumki - 2018
CUE-A16141-T12291 The Great Buddhist Emperors of Asia Dutta, Shibani Bhattacharya, Bela and Biswas, Aiswarya 2018
CUE-A16191-T12341 A Critical study on Buddhist education in Thailand Aphiwatamonkul, Smitthai Bhattacharya, Bela 2018
CUE-A15846-T11996 A Critical study of the Catu-Bhanvara-Pai Banik, Moumita Dutta Chatterjee, Jayanti 2017
CUE-A15816-T11966 Concept of the plurality of the Buddhas both in Theravada and Mahayana traditions Banerjee, Sanghamitra Chatterjee, Jayanti 2017
CUE-A15775-T11925 A Study of dipavamsa Barman, Sibani Biswas, Aiswarya and Bhattacharyya, Bela 2017
CUE-A10109-T06177 Studies on the Kankhavitarani Chakrabarti, Susmita Bhattacharya, Bela 2016
CUE-A11695-T07753 Society and education in the days of the Avadanas Mukhopadhyay, Apurba Kumar Haldars, Haldars 2016
CUE-A09498-T05726 State of Buddhism in Ceylon Sri Lanka as depicted in the pali chronicles Bhattacharyya, Sandhya Hazra, K L 2016
CUO-A06611-T03996 Bisuddhimgago granthe Bouddha tattwa Barua, Rebatipriya - 2016
CUE-A14880-T11023 A critical assessment of Saundarananda Kavya Chatterjee, Suman Bhattacharya, Bela 2016
CUE-A02664-T01512 A study of the central Asian manuscript remains with special reference to buddhism Saha, Kshanika - 2016
CUE-A04206-T02443 Aspects of socio religious life as revealed in the avadana literature Upadhyaya, Sada Phal Singh, P N 2016
CUE-A14873-T11027 Mahaparinibbana sutta A critical study Visittha, Visittha Barua, Subhra 2016
CUE-A16221-T12371 Concept of the Dalai Lama in Tibetan Buddhism Baral, Rima Chatterjee, Jayanti 2016
CUE-A14982-T11137 Concept of the Brahmaviharas in Pali literature An analytical and critical study Tejadhamma Chattopadhayay, Jayanti 2015
CUE-A14324-T10384 The Importance of Saddha in Theravada Buddhism - An analytical study Hangthukmod, Phramaha Thawatchai Barua, Subhra 2015

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