1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Optics and Photonics
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A06952-T04178 Study of molecular interactions and deactivation of excited states of some organic molecules Pal, Tushar Kanti Banerjee, S B 1987
CUE-A06317-T03860 Studies on the photoluminescence properties of some substituted benzene and pyridine molecules Sarkar, Susil Kumar Kastha, G S 1984
CUE-A05839-T03508 Studies on the photoluminescence properties of some aromatic molecules containing carbonyl group Ghoshal, Suniti Kumar Kastha, G S 1982
CUE-A05512-T03270 Investigations on the electrical conductivity of some organic compounds Ghosh, Alpana Misra, T N 1980
CUE-A05576-T03315 Studies on the vibrational spectra of some aliphatic organic molecules in relation to their rotational isomerism Das, Ranjit Kastha, G S 1980
CUE-A04072-T02360 Theoretical studies on ground and exited states properties of polyatomic molecules Bhaumik, Dharmajyoti Kastha, G S 1978
CUE-A04164-T02417 Characteristics of electronic spectra of some organic compounds in different states Chakravorty, Sankar Banerjee, S B 1978
CUE-A03597-T02051 Electronic spectra of organic molecules Mallick, Prabal Kumar Banerjee, S B 1976
CUE-A03841-T02202 Investigations on the vibrational spectra and rotational isomerism in some organic aliphatic molecules Som, Jnanendra Nath Kastha, G S 1976
CUE-A02747-T01555 Studies on the electronic and vibrational spectra of some aromatic organic molecules Marjit, Dhrubasri Banerjee, S B 1973
CUE-A02986-T01698 Investigations on relaxation mechanisms in polar liquid dielectrics Hasan, Abul Kastha, G S 1973
CUE-A01324-T00810 Investigations on the influence of intermolecular field on the Raman and infrared spectra of some organic molecules in different states Bishui, Pradip Kumar Sirkar, S C 1970
CU-A00660-DSC0362 Investigations on the influence of intermolecular field on Raman spectra and the structure of resonance radiation of some elements in absorption Kastha, Gouranga Sundar - 1960

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