1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Physiology
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A16611-T12761 An Integrated occupational and ergonomic study on the evaluation of health status of female construction workers of West Bengal, India Das, Sugata Ghosh, Subrata and Gangopadhyay, Somnath 2020
CUE-A16660-T12810 High intensity excercise induced oxidative stress, immune function alteration and skeletal muscle damage in pre-and post-pubertal boys : a comparative study Chaki, Biswajit Bandyopadhyay, Amit and Chattopadhyay, Sreya 2020
CUE-A16372-T12522 Study of association of human papilloma virus and arsenic exposore in oral carcinoma in West Bengal Pal, Pritha Halder, Ajanta and Raychowhury, Ranjan 2019
CUE-A16630-T12780 Anthropometric and physiological profiles of male football, hockey, badmintion & table tennis players of eastern region of India Bandyopadhyay, Abhishek Datta, Gouriprosad 2019
CUE-A16641-T12791 Studies on nicotine induced changes in pancreatic islets of rat : possible protection through folic acid and vitamin B12 Bhattacharjee, Ankita Mukherjee, Sandip and Maji, Bithin Kumar 2019
CUE-A16324-T12474 Studies on the effects of some antioxidants in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced hepatorenal toxicity in rats Dassarma, Barsha Gangopadhyay, Somnath and Nandi, Dilip Kumar 2019
CUE-A16036-T12186 Fitness profile of male judo karate players - a physiological perspective Dalui, Rishna Bandyopadhyay, Amit 2019
CUE-A16318-T12468 Nutritional profiling and pharmacognostic evaluation of green capsicum ( Capsicum annum L.) against alcohol induced oxidative stress. Das, Moumita Datta, Gouriprosad and Jana, Kuladip 2019
CUE-A16416-T12566 Health and nutritional status of Oraon labourers engaged in tea garden and agricultural sectors of Alipurduar district, West Bengal. Bhattacharyya, Ankita Roy, Subrata Kumar 2019
CUE-A16508-T12658 A Study on the effects of Bharatnatyam dancing on body composition and fitness status of Bengalee females Banerjee, Neepa Mukherjee, Sankarashis 2019
CUE-A16818-T12968 A Study on the effects of noise on auditory status of Bengalee adolescents Chatterjee, Sandipan Mukherjee, Shankarashis 2019
CUE-A16623-T12773 A Study on select psycho-physiological variables in adult bengalee Kathak and Bharatnatyam danseuses Chatterjee, Surjani Mukherjee, Shankarashis and Banerjee, Debmalya 2019
CUE-A16526-T12676 Study of oxidative stress and polymorphism of vascular endothelilal growth factor gene in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Biswas, Priyanka Dey, Madhusnata 2019
CUE-A16512-T12662 Studies on the pathophysiological mechanism of zinc in diarrhea Sarkar, Paramita Kazi, Mirazul H. 2019
CUE-A16466-T12616 Studies on the role of Th17 and treg cells in septic arthritis and the impact of the different Th17/Treg-derived cytokines in the pathogenesis of arthritis Dey, Ipsita Bishayi, Biswadev 2019
CUE-A16502-T12652 Studies on iodine nutritional status of lactating mothers and its possible impact on thyroid functions of their breast-fed infants in certain areas of North and South 24 parganas districts of West Bengal Pal, Nabamita Chandra, Amar K 2019
CUE-A16213-T12363 Studies on the anti-inflammatory , anti-oxidant and immunomodulatory properties of some common indigenous Indian medicinal plants : its possible implication on the protection against rheumatoid arthritis Adhikary, Rana Bishayi, Biswadev 2018
CUE-A15634-T11784 Effect of ramadan intermittent fasting on different components of physical fitness in young Muslim males of Kolkata, India Roy, Anindita Singha Bandyopadhyay, Amit 2018
CUE-A16014-T12164 Effect of excessive iodine on structure and activitty status on structure and activity status of certain areas of brain in relation to thyroid gland functions Mandal, Jagadis Chandra, Amar K. and Chakraborty, Nilkanta 2018
CUE-A16084-T12234 A Biophysical approach to investigate the interactions of cyclooxygenase inhibitors with human hemoglobin and erythrocyte Seal, Paromita Haldar, Rajen 2018

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