1. Full Text theses (PhD/DLitt/DSc)
  2. Commerce
Document ID Title Name of Researcher Name of Guide Year Completed File
CUE-A16812-T12962 Narrative communication in corporate annual reports : a study with special reference to practices in India Chakrabarti, Rajat Chakravorty, Dipti Kumar 2020
CUE-A16786-T12936 A Study on the role of micro-insurance on the low income group people in West Bengal with special reference to Purba and Paschim Medinipur district Chaudhuri, Anita Sen, Swagata 2020
CUE-A16386-T12536 Ownership structure and firm performance : an empirical study of select companies in the private sector of India Mitra, Sanjib Sana, Ashish Kumar 2019
CUE-A16695-T12845 Tourism in West Bengal : a case study of performance of West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Jana, Madanmohan Dandapat, Dhrubaranjan and Sana, Ashish Kumar 2019
CUE-A16722-T12872 The Companies act 2013 and its impact on corporate governance and reporting : a study Ray, Raghabendra Chakravorty, Dipti Kumar 2019
CUE-A16064-T12214 Investment portfolio of life insurance corporation of India (LICI) and select private Life Insurance companies: a comparative study Patra, Sibpada Sankar Saha, Siddhartha 2019
CUE-A16388-T12538 Problems and prospects of the Beedi industry in the Murshidabad District, West Bengal : a study Iti, Burman Poulomi Nikhilkumar Singh, Bikram 2019
CUE-A16404-T12554 Impact of deregulation on Indian aviation sector with special reference to low cost carriers : an analysis Mukherjee, Abhik Kumar Saha, Malayendu 2019
CUE-A16437-T12587 A Study on performance of selected growth schemes of UTI mutual fund Barai, Badal Sen, Parimal Kr. 2019
CUE-A16498-T12648 Global meltdown : a study of its impact on financial performance of select Indian companies Das, Mitasi Dandapat, Dhrubaranjan 2019
CUE-A16513-T12663 Social audit of investors' awarness programmes : a study of selected districts in West Bengal Banerjee, Parna Choudhary, Ram Prahlad 2019
CUE-A16804-T12954 Fundamental analysis and its impact on stock prices : a study on selected Indian companies Banerjee, Madhusree Chakravorty, Dipti Kumar 2019
CUE-A16621-T12771 Identifying green physisians : a cross-sectional segmentation study in Eastern India Mandal, Supti Sarkar, Amitava and Dasgupta, Rajib 2019
CUE-A16501-T12651 Service quality of selected hotels in Kolkata - a study on the perception of tourists Samanta, Moumita Singh, Bikram 2019
CUE-A16606-T12756 A Study on financial performance of the Indian pharmaceutical industry during the post-leberalisation era Bhattacharyya, Sucharita Chatterjee, Susmita 2019
CUE-A16011-T12161 Performance appraisal of public health sector : a study of selected hospitals in Kolkata Datta, Saradaprasad Das, J.K. 2018
CUE-A15704-T11854 Performance of selected public & private sector banks during post reform period : a comparative analysis Chakraborty, Sushita Sen, Swagata 2018
CUE-A16332-T12482 Evaluation of operational and financial performance or Urban state bus trasport in West Bengal with special reference to Calcutta State Transport corporation Ghosh, Prades Chattopadhyay, Kanika 2018
CUE-A16200-T12350 Performance appraisal of management institutes in West Bengal during the post - reform period Bose, Satarupa Das, J.K. 2018
CUE-A15533-T11683 Culture and its impact on the performance of employees in the post-merger period : a study from an international perspective Chattopadhyay, Sutapa Banerjee, Sharmistha 2018

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